• School Psychologist: Heidi Lathy
  • Remedial Therapist: Ashika Govender
  • Head of Department: Mariette van Wyk
  • School Social Worker: Prescilla Hlangwane
  • School Nurse: Busi Mbense
heidi lathy

Heidi Lathy

The school employs a full-time Educational Psychologist, Heidi Lathy. Her role is to conduct psycho educational assessments of learners, offer play therapy, adolescent
counselling, and parent education and support. She is also involved in providing staff development and support to both the educators and youth and childcare workers.Recently she has facilitated introductory training for the educators and youth and childcare workers in an approach to working with behaviourally challenging children called Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS). The approach was developed by Ross Greene an American psychologist who has founded a non-profit organisation called Lives in the Balance dedicated to assisting children who experience behavioural difficulties.

A more accurate, compassionate, productive understanding of (and approach to helping) behaviorally challenging kids. View PDF


Ashika Govender

The Remedial Therapy at Randburg Clinic School is done by Ashika Govender, who is also a qualified Educator with 25 years of teaching experience. She is also runs workshops for the purpose of teacher development, like assertive discipline, and is involved in curriculum adaptation. Our Learners have the common problem of behavioural challenges, but are at different levels academically. Hence, the school aims to accommodate Learners by designing individual learning programmes to cater for their needs.

Remedial Therapy is usually conducted on an individual basis but, where appropriate, a learner can be placed in a small group with one or two other learners who are functioning at the same academic level. This allows the child to benefit from the social interaction of the group situation, as well as from the opportunities for peer tutoring afforded by working with other learners.


HED – 4 year teaching degree

Advanced Certificate in Education: Learners with disabilities

Mariette van Wyk

Mariette van Wyk


10 years teaching learners with severe disabilities

15 years teaching learners with behavioural disorders

5 years experience in management

5 years experience in senior management (acting principal)

Current HOD Duties:

In charge of Learner Admissions

Draws up duty rosters for child & youth care workers

Designs appropriate activities for learners to be gainfully occupied in the afternoon programmes at the hostel

Supervision of the child & youth care workers , educators

Member of the school SMT, Governing Body and SBST

Over –sees all the facilities of the school

Ensures an appropriate menu is adhered to for the learners at the school

Fully involved with parent concerns and queries

Counsels and contains learners that have “lost control” in a professional and supportive manner

Involved in staff development workshops like Anger Management and Assertive Discipline



Prescilla Hlangwane


  • School social workers may act as counselors, working with children who have difficulties at home or in the classroom.
  • Group counseling such as therapeutic groups, educational groups and support groups
  • Parent support groups and parenting skills in the form of workshops and small groups


  • Social workers identify learners with behavioral difficulties and learning disabilities and monitor their psychological, neurological and social development.


  • School social workers provide referrals to parents of children in need of professional services.

Sister Monique

Our Nurse – Sick Bay and Emergency room

The nurses duties are chiefly to attend to the medical needs of learners and administer prescribed medication to 39 learners at the school.

Duties entail health promotion, administering medication (morning, noon and supper), health matters programmes,  workshops with learners and staff, wound care, liaising with parents and other professionals and counselling/ adherence of ARV treatment.

Nurse’s duties are from 7h00 until 19h00, with a break after 14h30, resuming again at 17h30 – suppertime.  The day ends at 19h00 with wound care time for the learners, after their nightly bathing.

The following is a list of activities presented by the school nurse:

  • Health screening of Learners
  • First Aid – level 1 Workshop with the Child and youth Care Workers – group 1(Refresher)
  • First Aid refresher workshop – group 2
  • Personal Hygiene workshop with learners, in groups (boys)
  • Personal hygiene Workshop with the Girls
  • Communicable diseases and illnesses
  • Workshop with Child Youth Care Worker

Our Hostel Manager

Lourial Le Roux is the hostel and facilities manager at Randburg Clinic School. She began at the school


Lourial Le Roux

in March 1996, and has been a dedicated and conscientious member of staff ever since. She is trained in First Aid and is often involved in assisting the nurse in treating minor injuries. She has developed a warm and maternal relationship with the learners at our school. Our learners would often be found in the company of Louria, telling her stories. She has been a staff member of Randburg Clinic School for 19 years. She is responsible and can be depended upon to execute her tasks beyond expectation. Louria’s years of experience and excellent work ethic has led to her being a valuable asset to the school as a whole.

This is a centre based at Randburg Clinic School which provides specialised professional support for educators in the Johannesburg North district. The services offered include the training of teachers regarding barriers to learning, developing material for learning support, management of inclusive classrooms, guidance to parents and life skills programmes to make learners with barriers less vulnerable to abuse.