Severe Behaviour Disorders (SBD) are a group of disorders that result in children having defiant or challenging behaviours and impulse control difficulty that is outside of the norm for their age. Brain scans of children with SBD has suggest that areas of the brain responsible for attention and decision making may be affected. The most commonly known Behaviour Disorder is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, additionally, we cater specifically for learners with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder. The disorders are characteristic of low frustration tolerance, getting into arguments or altercations with others – especially adults, and a disregard for rules.


Due to the condition of our learners we offer an adapted CAPS curriculum. As such, there are no fixed grades at our school. Learners are placed in the Foundation or Intermediate Phase, according to their age. they are then taught at their functional level through curriculum differentiation by the teachers. Learners are also allowed to work at a pace that is suitable to their overall needs. As a school focused on supporting the education of children with Severe Behavior Disorders, behavior modification is at the backbone of our curriculum. We aim to help children learn to regulate their emotions, better equip them with inter-personal skills and encourage them to foster their decision making skills. All this is done through our trained staff demonstrating unconditional positive regard; implementing clear structure and routine as well as firm rules of engagement. We endorse and implement Collaborative and Proactive Solutions. ( As we have found it to be research based and effective in modifying the behavior of our learners. Additionally, we have a Big Buddy system that is run where learners are paired with a young adult who serves as a role-model as well as mediator should the need arise.


We have a maximum of 10 learners per class. In our Foundation Phase we have classroom based teaching, whereas in our Intermediate Phase learners’ minds are prepared for high school through them rotating to different classrooms.


Our language of learning and teaching is English and our First Additional Language is Afrikaans.