Particulars of doctor who treats your child (Private or Government):

Medical Aid Details: (Please submit a copy of Medical Aid Card)

Medical Information (Please submit letter of diagnosis and reports)

Current Medication (A copy of the script HAS to be provided every 6 months)


Immunizations and Screening (Please provide a copy of the immunization record)



Previous surgeries:


Emergency Arrangements

Your child’s health is your responsibility. If your child is in need of medical care, it is your responsibility to take your child to a doctor or clinic for treatment. The school is not equipped to treat your child. This rule is also applicable especially to parents/guardians with children at hostel. In case of a life-threatening emergency and where the child’s parent/guardians cannot be contacted, the child will be taken to the nearest emergency department.

Please state whom the school can contact in case of an EMERGENCY if you are not available:

In case where your child becomes sick during School Hours, the School Sister can give symptomatic treatment as a temporary measure. If this treatment does not work, you will be asked to fetch your child from school/hostel for medical treatment. Please note that in case of any contagious disease or suspicion of a contagious disease you will need to fetch your child immediately from school/hostel and take for further medical treatment. No child will be allowed at school/hostel until the School Sister has received a letter from the clinic/doctor stating that the disease is no longer contagious. We need to protect the other learners in the school as well as our staff members.

I, the undersigned Parent/Guardian of understand the rules and will abide by them.