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Our Principal

Mr. R. E. Batchelor

Qualifications : BA, HDE, Master Diploma in HRM, Post Grad Diploma in Labour Law, Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (Nosa)
Experience: 3 Yrs High School, 17yrs Primary School, 3Yrs Special Ed, 4yrs Principal at Randburg Clinic School
Other: 5 Yrs Chairman of the Board: Roodepoort Child and Family Welfare, Chairman of the Johannesburg North Principals’ Forum for LSEN Schools.

Primary responsibilities

  • Mr. Batchelor represents and promotes the mission and values of the Gauteng Department of Education by confronting and proposing solutions to inadequate teaching practices. He creates and maintains a productive and safe school climate by selecting effective and efficient staff. He effectively delivers results for budget efficiency, and learner performance according to their potential in a Special Needs school.

Core Competencies

  • Mr. Batchelor uses analysis, wisdom, experience, and logical methods to make good decisions and solve difficult problems with effective appropriate solutions. He incorporates multiple inputs to establish shared ownership and effective action. In addition, he establishes clear directions, sets stretching goals and assigns responsibilities that bring out the best work from people. He acknowledges staff expertise, organizes training activities and encourages staff to take part in the programmes.

General Qualities

  • Mr. Batchelor values diversity and manages all kinds and classes of people equitably. He supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all, promoting a climate of inclusion, where diverse thoughts are freely shared and integrated. Thus promoting equality. He pursues everything with energy and drive. He faces challenges head on, and does not give up before tasks are completed. Even when faced with resistance or setbacks, he steadfastly perseveres. He is qualified, skilled and experienced to do his job competently, resulting in a high level of accomplishments for the school. As head of the school he is approachable, uses tact to diffuse tense situations with his sense of humour that immediately puts others at ease and disarms hostility.
  • He creates a climate in which people want to do their best. He has the ability to assess each person’s strengths and uses them to get the best out of his staff. He can very quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal. He is overall a visionary with a resourceful mind and is confident and at ease with himself.